Are you ready for 2023?

It has been a busy few weeks at Suderman Estimating Systems Inc. We’ve been teach electrical estimating courses across Canada, doing estimates for companies that don’t have an estimator. and supporting companies that need estimates turned around very quickly.

Are you ready for 2023? More jobs, more estimates, more wins, more losses, more estimates…

The electrical estimating course this week had people in different time zones based on province and location within the province.

Calgary – Alberta,

Regina – Saskatchewan,

Kenora – Ontario,

Mitchell – Ontario,

Barrie – Ontario,

Stoney Creek – Ontario,

Mitchell – Ontario.

Here are a few comments or testimonials from the people who were on the course:
Comment on the instruction that was provided:
“The instructor was a great teacher. Lots of experience/stories to aid in the delivery of information.”
“It was clear and direct, with just enough information provided to keep you digging through the material so you could learn by working through it.”
“The instructor was fantastic.”

What part of the course did you find most useful and worthwhile?
“Front to back it was all useful information, even if you use software to estimate you now know what that software is trying to estimate and why. Course covers just about everything there is to estimate in my field as well.

Is your company ready for 2023?

Is your company guess-timating or estimating?

Does your company use the outdated and troublesome square footage math (myth) or is it using measured lengths and count and proven electrical estimating practices?

Electrical Estimating Courses provided by Suderman Estimating Systems Inc. have qualified for partial reimbursement under the Canada/Provincial training grants. Contact your provincial service providers to learn more. Some WSIB/Workers Compensation funds may be available, contact your local WSIB, WCB to learn more.

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