Electrical Estimating Courses - FAQ

Who teaches the electrical estimating courses?

Our electrical estimating courses are taught by experienced electricians. All our instructors have taken the courses.

I am not an electrician. Can I still take your electrical estimating courses?

Yes. We have had many people with no electrical training or background take our courses.

Some of the people we have taught are:
Project managers, purchasing staff, quotation specialists, engineers, bookkeepers, office managers, estimators from other trades, apprentices, and office staff.

What makes your electrical estimating courses different from other courses?

Our electrical estimating courses combine theory, exercises, job experience into an intense 16 hour course. We start with a basic take-off and finish with a closing that includes the details of what is needed to complete an accurate bid.

Why do I have to take Course 1 before I can take Course 2? 

Course 1 is the foundation of Course 2. In Course 1 you learn the basic methodology and some of the skills needed to do an accurate electrical estimate. In Course 2 you build on your knowledge and experience from Course 1 to do a more complex estimate using the methods and practices learned in Course 1.

Do I have to be a member of an association or union to take the electrical estimating courses? 

No. Many of the people who take our electrical estimating courses are from independent companies.

Are there any grants available for people who take your courses? 

Yes. You need to check with your province. We are not allowed to submit any grant applications. Grants may cover up to 2/3rd's of the cost of the course. Each province runs its own program under the Canada/Provincial Job Grant.

What are the differences in the online electrical estimating course and taking it in a classroom? 

The content and instructors are the same for both courses.

An online electrical estimating course can be held with as few as 4 people.
Course materials are couriered to you.

We need a minimum of 10 people for a classroom course.
Course materials are delivered in the classroom.

Why do you offer 2 separate electrical estimating courses? 

Electrical Estimating Course 1 is designed to introduce a logical and effective estimating process. We start with several exercises that teach the basic principles of electrical estimating and closing a bid.

Electrical Estimating Course 2 is designed to build on what was learned in Course 1 and involves more complicated exercises as well as additional information involved with closing a bid.

Electrical Estimating Course 1 must be completed before Courses 2.

I am an experienced estimator why do I need to take Electrical Estimating Course 1 before taking Course 2? 

An important part of taking these courses in a group setting is to have everybody using the same methodology and practices so that the course flow in a logical procession. We have found that people who have been estimating for a few years have developed their own habits etc. and try to work a blend of their experience and the course resulting in a poor experience for all.

We often recommend that experienced estimators opt for our 1 on 1 Electrical Estimating Course.

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