New Course!

We’ve launched a new course! Experienced Course – for people with estimating experience.

Our new course is designed for experienced estimators. Some new assignments, some refresher assignments and like all our courses based on practical real life situations.

We developed this course because of the number of people who asked us how we could help sharpen the skills of their estimators and improve on the work they do.

Across Canada over the last few years we have been told that experienced estimators are making small mistakes that are costing electrical contractors money. The volatility in material prices, delays on jobs due to material delays and the competitive market place were leading to lost bids or cost overruns. When you add in the trend for shorter time lines from bid request to bid submission the opportunity for mistakes increases. We took the time to look at a number of estimates and review the work that was done. We learned that even experienced estimators were missing material, under valuing the labour time needed to install equipment and that not all lost time was being captured in an estimate.

Do you think an electrical estimating refresher course would help improve your bidding results?

Contact us for more information or to register for our Experienced Estimating Course.

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