As Canada's leading provider of electrical estimating courses we often get feedback from our customers. The testimonials below have been provided graciously by our customers. You can read more comments on our blog as well.Here are some comments from people who have taken our electrical estimating courses.

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Southcan Electric

Winnipeg, MB

Feedback from ECABC members consistently conveys that John is a very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful instructor. Courses 1 and 2 are reported to be very well organized in terms of both course structure and the associated materials.


ECABC staff love working with John – he is patient, flexible and his expertise allows him to adapt training for specific audiences. We look forward to continuing to be able to offer this training to our members.

Working with Suderman Estimating Systems Inc. has been a great experience for OEL members, many of whom found the courses informative, engaging and worthwhile. Dan is an excellent instructor who provides concise, easy-to-understand instructions and is kindly willing to help outside of class time. His enthusiasm and experience as an instructor created a supportive environment, and the labour manual was an especially valuable part of the courses.

The Suderman Estimation course represents among the highest quality of electrical courses you can take. I use the lessons and tools every day in my contracting business. The pacing of the course was on point, the teaching was thorough, and the return on investment is so high that I signed up 2 of my other employees to also take the lessons. This is the kind of course you do NOT want your competitors getting their hands on first. I highly recommend connecting with John and Dan about their soonest availability to sign up!”


Sam Hagglund
Service Manager, Contractor, Electrician
September 2022


Burwash Electric


Richard Burwash

"John was very knowledgeable and the course was well presented. I especially found useful the recapitulation sheet and putting together of the final bid."


Oosterhof Electric


Len Oosterhof

“The Suderman Electrical Estimating courses 1+2 were presented in a very practical way. The 13 drawing and specification exercises and the laboring of them help me to grasp the estimating process.”


Globe-Elite Electrical Contractors Ltd.


Al Anderson

“The whole Suderman course was very informative and John did a great job of explaining how to breakdown a project to properly estimate it.”


Ziebarth Electrical Contractors ltd.


Johannes Ziebarth

"We first went to the Suderman Electrical Estimating training in the late 90’s. We continue to send our staff for this training as this has been the backbone of our estimating success for decades."


Ideal Supply Co Inc


Mike Smith

“As Sales Manager of the Electrical Division of Ideal Supply Co Inc, I am writing to recommend the training services of John Wiesel of Suderman Estimating. John has helped to create and implement successful annual campaigns for us from 2013 to 2018. John’s estimating expertise coupled with his collaborative teaching style made him a valued resource for our Contractor Partners who compete for projects within the highly competitive electrical industry. John is detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, ensuring our Customer Partners receive effective strategies to not only win business, but win business profitably. Many thanks to John for his passion in supporting the electrical contractors within our Branch network.”


Colbran Higgins Engineering


Catherine Higgins

"The instruction provided by John for the Suderman courses was very thorough. The takeoff exercises helped me to better understand the estimating process so from our Engineering of Electrical projects we could put together an accurate price for our clients."


Lake City Electric


Carey Arthur Lien

"John is a great teacher, very helpful, very patient. I learned how to estimate properly with the right labor breakdowns and the real costs of operating a business."


Northumberland Electric


David Sweeny

“I have taken many training courses over the years and would rate the Suderman Electrical Estimating Training at the top. The instruction was very good and entertaining at times. Learning how to use the Take-off sheets was the most useful for us.”


Power Up Electric


Peter Cole

"The instruction was excellent, the most valuable part for me was the use of the Suderman Labor Manual."

5 Star Electric


Steve Homer

"I found both Suderman Electrical Estimating training courses very informative. It helped me in establishing my business and being very competitive on our quotes. The take-off, compiling of the information, and use of the Suderman labor manual were the most beneficial."

Email Addreess: shomer@tbaytel.net


Independent Electrical Services


Kyle Coumont

“John’s instruction was knowledgeable and thorough. The hands-on teaching on how to estimate was excellent. The course had all the material that we expected.”

Triac Electric ltd.


Kevin Derksen

"The Suderman courses were very good for us as they gave us confidence in the estimating process. We especially found useful the takeoff methods, organization and the information on business expenses that have to be included in an estimate."

Email Addreess: triac@telus.net